I have been studying 3D Animation Effects and 3D Environment modeling at Academy of Art University. I want to be a CG Artist. Some films, games and TV programs inspired me, such as Ghost in the Shell, Zelda and many of anime. One of my dreams is to work as 3D Environment artist and 3D FX Artist as well. I make 3D Environment and sometimes I’m using Dynamics simulation.

Learning 3D modeling is very exciting. Especially, video game side which is very technical.
I am always excited to learn new techniques for FX and 3D modeling and new software in order to develop professionally in the field.
My charcoal drawing was accepted to Spring Show, which is a contest at Academy of Art University. I am very eager to work on more collaborative projects with my animation classmates. I am always thrilled to learn new things and try different techniques to improve more my skills and ability.